Chapter 31 of the inter-agency guidance issued by the LSCB provides guidance in respect of allegations against staff, carers and volunteers and when concerns should be shared with the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO).

It highlights the need for all allegations of abuse by those who work with children to be taken seriously whether staff are employed in a paid or unpaid capacity.

The inter-agency procedures are not limited to allegations involving significant harm or risk of significant harm to a child and should be applied in all situations where it is alleged that a person who works with children has:

  • behaved in a way which has harmed a child, or may have harmed a child
  • possibly committed a criminal offence against or related to a child
  • behaved towards a child or children in a way that indicates that he or she would pose a risk of harm if they worked regularly or closely with children

This includes allegations where it might indicate that the person is unsuitable to continue to work with children in their current position and the allegations may relate to the person’s behaviour at work, at home or in another setting.

It may concern, for example, a paid employee, unpaid volunteer, child-minder, approved foster carer or prospective adopter.

See the documents below for further information:

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