In recent years growing evidence has emerged about the risk of children and young people becoming involved in extremist violence and terrorism. The grooming processes involved in the radicalisation can take many forms, including online indoctrination and can lead to children and young people’s involvement in antisocial behaviour and illegal activities.

‘PREVENT’ is a government initiative that seeks to co-ordinate the disruption of radicalisation and provides support for those who may have become involved.

More information about how this is being managed within the borough can be found at Preventing hate crime and violent extremism.

However, if you believe someone is vulnerable and at risk of being radicalised you can report concerns to the council’s Community Safety Team on 01344 352000, or contact the police locally on 101. In an emergency call 999.

Education against hate has been designed to provide parents/carers with useful links to a range of resources relating to hate crime, extremism and radicalisation.

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