Neglect is rarely associated with a single event, but rather an absence of appropriate care, often over a long period of time.

It can be difficult to distinguish between this form of maltreatment, material poverty and forms of physical neglect, such as inadequate clothing, exposure to environmental hazards and poor hygiene that may be associated with poverty.

However, most families minimise the impact of such hardship of their children and it is important that we recognise the combination of physical and emotional neglect that often impacts most severely on children/young people.

Neglect is a serious form of maltreatment and can be fatal. It can be summed up as a failure of provision and a failure of supervision and is often associated with emotional abuse and linked to forms of physical and sexual harm.

As with all concerns in respect of safeguarding children/young people, suspicions can never be shared too early and making contact with your line manager /agencies lead officers, the CAF Coordinator or directly with Bracknell Forest Children’s Social Care department will help you establish an appropriate response.

Local and national reports in relation to neglect can be found on the Links and Publications page under Neglect.


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