Drug and alcohol misuse

Parental drug and alcohol misuse

Substance misuse is a complex issue. It affects not only individuals but also their families, friends and communities.

Parental or carer drug or alcohol use can reduce the capacity for effective parenting. In particular the children of parents or carers who are dependent on drugs or alcohol are more likely to develop behaviour problems, experience low educational attainment, and be vulnerable to developing substance misuse problems themselves. Some children’s health or development may be impaired to the extent that they are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm.

If you think you have a problem with alcohol or drugs local help and advice can be sought from New Hope on 01344 351653. You can also find more information on the council’s alcohol, drugs and substance misuse page.

Young people's drug and alcohol misuse

Many parents worry about their child becoming involved with drugs. They feel that they don’t know enough about drugs to help prevent their child from coming to harm.

Does your child know more than you information leaflet is produced by Talk to FRANK and contains some basic facts about drugs. It offers guidance to help you talk about this subject with your child. There is also more information and help if you are worried that your child may be using drugs or drinking too much alcohol.

For local help and advice contact New Hope on 01344 351653. You can also find more information on the council's alcohol, drugs and substance misuse page.


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